• Elizabeth M Owens

    Staff Journalist/Editor

    Elizabeth has been in education since 1999, working as an academic advisor, adjunct faculty, high school English teacher, ESL teacher, and currently middle school English.

    She has a B.A. in journalism and an M.A. in communication. In the past she has been in restaurant management and office management.

    Ms. Owens is passionate about researching, writing, and teaching, as well as helping young people set up their future with options.

  • Smirna I. Evans

    Staff Journalist

    Smirna I. Evans is a professional language interpreter and instructor.  She enjoys writing about travel, coffee, language and reading detective novels. She resides in Wichita, KS

  • Cristina White-Phelan

    Independent Correspondent

    For more than a decade, Ms. White-Phelan has coaxed words into sentences, sentences into articles, and articles into a career. After studying journalism and sociology in the heart of America, she was blessed to begin her journalism career in a local newspaper.

    Creating daily columns, editing and proofreading every article published, Ms. White-Phelan produced articles picked up from the AP wire and published nationall, and internationally. She has had her work featured in national magazines, newspapers, web companies, and industrial settings, later branching out in marketing and design.

    Ms. White-Phelan continues to focus on the written word while continuing her education. She currently serves as the Associate Editor for the Correspondent News Network.  Ms. White-Phelan lives in Kansas with her four children, Great Dane and tuxedo cat, and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, reading, baking, and explaining what the Oxford comma is to those that do not understand.

  • Farica L. Robertson

    Independent Correspondent Journalist
    ehbeni farica

    Farica L. Robertson has been a freelance writer and columnist since 2004.

    Her work has appeared in Iowa Bystander Newspaper, The Communicator, and Cityview Magazine and is currently syndicated as a Correspondent News Network writer.

    She resides near Des Moines, Iowa.

  • Maurice W. Evans


    Maurice W. Evans is a nationally recognized Author, Expert Coach, Trainer and Speaker and is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer for Jay Conrad Levinson and Certified Leadership Trainer for the John C. Maxwell Team.  He is the founder of iGROWyourBiz, Inc & the Correspondent News Network

    Maurice has been seen in: Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Forbes, Inc, The New York Times and more!

    His clients include: Nielsen Media Research, Mary Kay. Barnes & Noble, Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Colonial Bank, Quality Inns, Mattress World and more!

    As a speaker and trainer, Maurice has been keynote for such events as: St Petersburg College, Barnes & Noble, Search Engine Secrets, Guerrilla Marketing Bootcamp, Tampa Bay Business Symposium and more!