Correspondent Writers Wanted

Our company is currently syndicated on over 500 international major media websites on a daily basis.


Frequency: Correspondent writers will provide articles on a regular basis (weekly or daily).

Subjects: Correspondent will write on topics related to Business, Professionals, Marketing, Leadership, Social Media, Home Business, Evangelical Christianity, Management, Team Building, Communications, Business Networking or Youth Issues.

Length: Each article should be between 500-2000 words.  The ideal average length for an article would be 800 words. Headline and subheaders should be used with each article.

Quality:  Articles should have use proper spelling and grammar.  Articles quality should be on par with and suitable for inclusion in internationally distributed major press publications.

Extras: Articles may include media (Video, audio, picture) that will link back from syndicated sites to main site.

Pay:  Correspondent will not receive monetary compensation for articles.  Correspondent will have an Authors box that may include a one sentence description, plus contact information and up to two web links. (No Affiliate links.  Amazon affiliate links to author’s products are ok).  Correspondent may become eligible for sponsorship dollar share or commission on referrals to services.

Cost:  There is no charge for correspondents.   Correspondents must be timely, reliable and consistent.  Articles not submitted by deadline, inconsistent with agreed frequency or below quality standards are cause for correspondent to be disqualified from future submissions, and may possibly cause removal of previous submissions.

Copyright:  Work is considered “for-hire” and Copyright will belong to iGROWyourBiz, Inc.

Exclusivity:  All articles must be unique and never before published anywhere.  Articles may not be repurposed, remixed or reposted elsewhere.

Reprinting/Republishing:  Once submitted, articles may be published on the correspondents website or elsewhere the author is permitted to post articles so long as the authors box and references and links to the primary site is left intact.  The article may not be modified in any way.