Self confessed serial bachelor Tony Toutouni stuns fans announcing a red-hot tell all book, as he gives up extravagant single life for true love.

ring photo(CORRESPONDENT NEWS) HOLLYWOOD– Self-confessed serial bachelor Tony Toutouni has stunned his army of male followers’ this week, as he announced his shock engagement to realtor girlfriend Juliann Nicole. The announcement comes alongside news of a red-hot tell all book, which promises to spill the beans on his wild life, and show how the millionaire entrepreneur – famous for his lavish lifestyle, and for giving close friend Dan Bilzerian a run for his money for the true King of Instagram title – is giving up chasing cars, cash and women for the love and stability of a good woman.

The as yet untitled book promises a shocking insight to the hedonism and extravagance of his jet-set lifestyle, but insiders hint at the unveiling of another side of the playboy millionaire, as he comes of age and finds true love, finding a place is the community as an autism activist.

The book should answer the many questions that are on fans lips. When Toutouni, a celebrity entrepreneur from Beverly Hills, California announced his engagement to blonde Nicole – also an activist for autism – to his 1.4million Instagram fans, he reportedly lost 35,000 followers in the process. Fans were left confused at the proposal, which was made with a platinum ring set with a 7.4 carat brilliant cut diamond, alongside a cryptic handwritten note saying ‘will you forgive me?’

With fans’ wondering if there is more to the proposal that meets the eye, Toutouni’s book promises to answer fans’ many questions in shocking detail. Toutouni – who posts under the @lunatic_living Instagram handle – had previously claimed that he’d never settle down, claiming to have slept with more women than Hugh Hefner. Just days before the engagement was announced, Toutouni’s Instagram was filled with the usual scantily clad girls, piles of cash and provocative booty shots. Earlier in the year Toutouni publicly denounced marriage and fidelity telling close friend Mike Shouhed not to get married or to settle down.

Toutouni’s company is currently investigating various publishers, with publication date as yet unknown. The book, which showcases his brand’s journey from celebrity party playboy to committed fiancé, will show that everyone can find peace in settling down when they find the right person. Of his engagement he says, “I woke up yesterday and realized that with all the money in the world, you can sleep with anyone you want. But you come to realize that options aren’t as meaningful as truly loving someone, and enjoying every moment you spend with that person. True love isn’t easy to find but when you find it, it trumps meaningless fun.” He further hinted at a possible indiscretion, puzzling fans by saying, “I don’t want to lose my rare woman, who truly loves me and has stuck by me after all that I have done.”

In a parting shot to his young male followers, he lived up to form by saying “Men have all the fun you can, sleep with as many women as you can, but don’t ever lose true love when you finally find the one.” At time of going to press no wedding plans had been announced, with more information on the coffee book style autobiography to follow.

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