Jane Turner’s New writing program launches in Australia to help coaches, consultants and small business people around the world become published authors and boost their credibility.

(CORRESPONDENT NEWS) Jane Turner is a Writing Coach who works with coaches, consultants, small business people and entrepreneurs to get their books written.  She has announced the worldwide launch of the Simplified Book Writing Program in order to increase her students’ visibility, authority and status as experts in their respective fields.

Jane Turner - New Writing Program

Miss Turner’s Simplified Book Writing Program is designed to help ensure aspiring writers achieve author status in a matter of weeks, rather than the usual months or years. Typically, most aspiring authors never finish their book, or worse, many do not ever get started.

Turner’s program includes mindset and energy management strategies, along with built-in accountability and feedback loops to ensure that her clients actually get their books completed. She teaches her students a structured approach to getting the information out of their head and onto the page.

“I even set them up with publicity,” says Jane, “to leverage their new found status as a published author, grow their business and further their cause.”

Turner is an NLP-trained Transpersonal Coach and launched the program at the end of 2015.  She personally delivers the program live on location in Australia.  It is available worldwide via Skype to any English speaking audience. Several classes are to be held throughout 2016.

More information and new student sign-up can be found at: http://www.simplifiedbookwriting.com

About Jane Turner

Jane Turner is the author of ‘Thrive in Midlife’ and is featured in ‘Success Uncovered’ (published 2015).  Her 2016 book release is titled ‘Successful Women in Business’.

Simplified Book Writing
Jane Turner
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