Epoxies are a popular product commonly used as a structural adhesive owing to its strength and properties allowing it to resist weather, solvents, chemicals and extreme high and low temperatures. While having personal uses, as a general purpose adhesive, the potential stretches much further. Its range of abilities such as industrial coatings and use as a binder within concrete mixes opens the variety of uses up to a more widespread scale.

The usage of saturating epoxy has global-wide uses within manufacturing. Many boat manufacturers find advantages in saturating plywood with epoxy, reducing the water moisture within the hull of the boat decreasing the likelihood of potential rot problems. Epoxy was also used by NASA on their spaceships, finding value through the effect of gluing components together. Another use is within electrical components, especially circuit boards, protecting components from dust and moisture and from the risk of short-circuiting.

“The Resinator” and how it can help speed up applications.

However one of the main issues that arises is the duration it takes to apply several coats consistently. With conventional methods being time consuming and tedious. Neptune Research Institute founded in 1982 focuses on pipe repair services for the marine industry. Through their experience in using epoxy application they have developed “The Resinator”. This machine has been shown to improve efficiency by up to 10x. By allowing a much faster application time than traditional hand techniques, while maintaining the quality resin to cloth ratio. This process then allows time to be saved on all projects. This unique machine is state of the art, allowing the user to saturate epoxy into fiberglass and carbon fibre, will enable an industry wide trend of change through efficiency savings and quality.
Industry wide usage of the machine
One of the ideal usages of the machine would be seen within the maritime industry. For boat manufacturers, because of the wide spread use of epoxies used to improve a boats structural integrity time savings could significantly be made. The machine could save hundreds of hours with applications on each boat. This benefit also applies to aircrafts and automobiles, The Resinator is able to be used in all industries to allow for a speedier manufacturing time, allowing to be more competitive in price as well as quality.
Additionally many artists enjoy using epoxies, as a different medium. Through the use of the machine it would allow for a less tedious creation of an art piece, allowing for the artist to spend more time on the design and finishing the product; fine tuning their ideas rather than painstakingly slowly applying each coat evenly.