GOFFSTOWN, N.H. (Correspondent News) –It’s being hailed as better than the Cash for Clunkers Stimulus Initiative, The 36 Month Test Drive offered by CarSocial.net pays Americans up to $18,000 to Drive a Nissan automobile and provide drivers feedback. A company spokesperson said about the program”that car payment subsidies are the right direction for America, and that the program represents the largest market study of this effort.” The program was created to study the effects of subsidizing car payments and make an official policy recommendation for automotive-related subsidies. Americans who take advantage of the program can use the $18,000 towards car payments and gasoline over a 3 year period. Participating Nissan Dealers may offer additional incentives to program participants. The program is now available Nationwide and participants must be 18 years or older and must possess a valid drivers license. Credit and other terms and conditions may apply.

To learn more about The 36 Month Test Drive offered by CarSocial, visit www.CarSocial.net.