A few days back, I visited Boston to meet a few friends. Wanting to eat something different, we headed
out to taste something new this time. It was then that we came across a food truck by the name
‘RiceBurg’. This food truck was selling burgers along with other side orders of theirs. The food truck
looked pretty clean and the person operating it was a nice decent gentleman.
The thing about this food truck that struck me the most was that it was not about profit for them. It was
more about providing healthy food to their customers. The burgers they were selling were not ordinary
burgers. These were in fact burgers made of rice buns. For those of you who are unfamiliar with rice
buns, these are actually burger buns made of rice. Rice being gluten free and less in calories is a
healthier alternative to regular buns. To keep the quality of the product high, the owner told us that he
uses Japanese short grain rice to make his burger buns.
It was about 5 minutes and our order was ready. Absolutely starving, all of us jumped on our burgers
and started a new and different meal for the night. Without exaggeration, this was one of the most
delicious burgers I had ever had in my life. Tender and juicy, with the taste of a top quality burger
franchise, it was a mixture of an eastern and western delicacy that excited me most.
Their burgers included a wide variety of chicken burgers, steak burgers and mushroom burgers. Apart
for this, their menu included other delicacies including different types of fries, popcorn chicken, fish and
meat balls. I personally ordered rice cake skewer and loved every single bit of it. The beverages includes
a mix variety ranging from green tea to diet soda and orange juice. For your convenience, if a customer
wanted gluten free meal, it would be made for him just as ordered.
It was a meal to remember for us friends and we really liked it. For all those buddies in town or visiting
Boston in the coming days, I would highly recommend this place to you guys. Do visit ‘Riceburg’ and
then fill me up with your experiences. Let’s get your taste buds prepared for a ride to a foodie palace.