Newest version of Freshmail offers more tools, more flexibility for users. 
(Cristina White Phelan, Correspondent News)–This month, FreshMail unveiled the newest version of its powerful tool for communicating with customers and subscribers. Packed with new features and updates, FreshMail 6.0 offers every tool needed to create effective email marketing campaigns.

FreshMail is an innovative email marketing platform for creating and sending newsletter campaigns. The easy-to-use software guides users from the early stages of campaign planning and creation all the way to the final reports that chart a campaign’s progress. FreshMail also provides a professional consulting service for custom-tailored and executed online marketing efforts.

Included in the update is FreshMail Designer 2.0, a template editor with the power to create and customize every detail of a campaign. Designer 2.0 has been expanded to include 40 new responsive email designs. Designer’s features are simple to learn, and using them is an intuitive, easy experience. Create your a project from scratch, or select a ready-made template from a huge library full of professionally-crafted designs.

Among some of the new features:
– A selection of more than 100 fonts to reflect any style
– Redo, Undo and Autosave, making editing easy
– A selection of tools for editing graphics
– Global style function – change the style of multiple texts with one click
– Increased speed and reliability

Another key feature of FreshMail 6.0 is the expanded range of autoresponders, which automates even more email marketing activities. It takes just a few minutes to add content, then the system does the rest. Autoresponders will welcome new subscribers, follow up with customers who show interest by clicking on a link or opening an email, divide a large piece of content and send it in smaller pieces at predesignated intervals and much more. There is almost no limit to the ways FreshMail assists in customer interaction.

Add FreshMail Designer 2.0 and the new autoresponders to a system that already offers fantastic message templates, industry leading deliverability and detailed, in-depth campaign reports, and every need for effective email marketing is covered.

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