UK’s Parvez Ahmed overcomes disability, co-founds online advertising firm

entrepreneur-laptop-tableNEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, U.K. (Correspondent News) — It’s widely known that starting your own small business involves a good deal of struggle. Entrepreneurship is the road less traveled for a reason; it carries unique challenges, hardships, and a sizeable amount of instability. Despite all of this, a select few still choose this path. If you ask them why, the answer is usually not that they wanted to; rather, it’s because they felt they needed to.

Such is the case with Newcastle upon Tyne resident and entrepreneur Parvez Ahmed, who felt the call to start his own business after working for some time at Palatine Beds. It’s no coincidence that the company is known for employing a large number of disabled people – over 70% of their workforce has some kind of disability – as Ahmed himself is disabled, having been diagnosed with psychosis and currently in recovery. Add this to the normal level of struggle involved in starting a business, and you may begin to see the very definition of “uphill battle.”

There’s a sure cure for this level of challenge, however, and it comes in the form of passion and desire to accomplish something unique and meaningful. Now, with his business partner Edward Yeboah, Ahmed is preparing to launch, an online advertising service with a unique set of features. will be selling advertising space for long-term spans of a year or longer. Although the service is accepting clients worldwide, the site is expected to gain a good deal of early traction in bitcoin-happy India, as will be accepting the popular crypto-currency for payment. Ahmed states that, at the time of this writing, Bookmarknew will be the only advertising site in India that accepts it.

The site is set to launch on May 6th, 2015. For more details and pricing, please visit


Parvez Ahmed